What has become of me?

Estranged from the surroundings; snipped from society. Cut off

from love.

What do I love? I know no more. Perhaps this is what got lost along the traveling way.

Who is it that lives on this island? Who is my environment, my species?

Why do I feel so strangely disconnected from everyone, as they go about their daily rituals

Why do I find no salvation in them?

“So where would you like to live?” he asked me

an Amazon tribe

“I don’t think you would like it there…”

Maybe not, but anywhere but here.

This constellation feels foreign. Feels awkward, I

have not felt so out of my body yet, so separated, here but not here.

Here but head elsewhere.

Why can’t I just be here?

Enjoy the present, as they insist

Or  just switch off my head.

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