the mind octopus


the mind octopus.

the mind in a box  = an oversized octopus on overdrive. it sits there  messaging, constantly. signals sending. orders pending, msgmsgmsgmsgmsg.  100 thousand zeroes endless times: not this.see him. remember her. meet them. it. is. constant. affects my breathing. it wants to be in control. wild control. all these channels bombard; Facebook, gmail, whatsapp, not twitter, twitter rebel (but ❤ instagram) —> feels pure, this control. so this poor gooey octopus is trapped in a control room too small for him to spread his tentacles freely. is he a reflection of what is happening in the world outside, diffracting in? the image channeling is an  octopus in a control room with all these different synthetically colored push button gadgets and wires. technology, computers. his body is squashed but multi tasking. feels more like a cage, slowly developing subtle outrage. the tentacles wires trying to move, twisting, swirling. is he not  overly stimulated in this synthetic environment? or overworked. running on overdrive? he is in a dark, artificially lit room. there is a total separation from nature. complete alienation. here is an octopus trapped in a box.  i cannot relax. constant tension during meditation as msgs keep coming in. i try to block them at first. this does not work. then i try to elevate myself out of the situation or submerge deep down below and observe this octopus from afar. still, its hard to separate. the msgs keep coming in like unwanted football fans gatecrashing another’s stadium. they are conquering. bleep bleep bleep bleep bloop. a ceaseless stream of information, aggravation this situation is out of hand. the tentacles are squashed, like animals, we are force fed.


what if you were to try and take that mind octopus and put him back into the ocean? his natural habitat. a coming home. try this technique. its about giving space.not physical but mental. we have no mental space to ourselves any longer. the  square metres are getting shorter. brains are made slaves to the stream of never-ending bleep. how often do you frantically check the messaging, or lack of? devices refreshing, desperately fishing for new information. its an addiction. its a pattern, looping to infinity. its frightening how easily we tune into the vortex of endless repetition, overriding. how to go beyond?

lets let the octopus out. put him back into the ocean. let him swim away and dissolve in its vast big blue. try it. don’t pay attention to the msgs any longer, don’t swim above them or below, don’t swim away. let them flow through you, but focus on that ocean, or don’t. don’t do anything, be nothing, float.

dear mind octopus, swim, be free, enjoy. you don’t belong in this little blackbox, you belong in the depthlessness of ocean blue.


releasing the mind octopus


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