How do you make me feel Albert Heijn?






Unwanted divided attention in time.

Hyperactive but numb.

Forgot what I came for.


And nothing more.


Now I feel like I have to

Now that I am in you.

To buy

Why do I enter you?

To get so dissipated, so purposely displaced and assultedly disorientated

amidst a pleafora of unnecessary junk?

You leave me hanging


Mind gets shattered into a thousand little wants

More needs, now that I am here

Like particles pixels, all screaming simoultaneously


Its kaleidoscopic


I put on my hood and head to check out

Of this endless casino

But then that Yogi tea triggers

a snigger the

product cha-chings!

Stop it Albert Heijn

I just want to eat

Not not know what I do not want.

I knew what I wanted

before I entered



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