Buenos Aires


at first a fog

density hanging.


an atmosphere of ungraspable volumes

i cannot seem to pinpoint,

even after 10 days.


but what i like is that the

the pigeons of the city

are the butterflies

fluttering around


the roots of trees

are more nutritious

than their canopies


and the trains

are that precisely  sky blue

i like.


A humider New York of sorts

with blocks to calculate the spaces in between

you seem to be designed in such a grid,

that things should add up

but they don’t somehow.


that subtle unexpected terminancy of the tango

yet wifi is overabundant and works extremely well

even in the most obscure of places


maybe its best not to have you yet fully figured out

but if the Director of the Museo National des Bellas Artes

is ready to give us Russians passports

its a good sign.


I quite like that he thinks we are both crazy.

You have been very good to me Buenos Aires.

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