Note to Self


Destruction self
You do it to the self
Why do it
You feel shit
But you do it
Or do you feel good
You feel
The box
You want to feel
To break the rule
Over thought
Want to do too many things
At once
You do
It’s Wednesday almost 3 am but you still do
Why do it
Cos you like to be with yourself
Its nice
Accept it
Don’t always accuse
Your use
You like it so
Can you just once accept and not accuse
So what you might misuse
But don’t look at it like that
What you lack is focus
You want to do this and that and that and that
But really you like to be in focus
To do one thing
And just do it
Not many surface floating things
You grasp for seconds and then not having finished reading those
You move on
You like words
So work with words
Stop surfing the surface
But also stop saying stop to yourself
Surf that surface if that’s what you need
Let the surface open a whole
In the place when its time for the dive
Don’t anticipate it or try to predict it
Force it
Go with the surface flow now
One thing at a time
Fast you like
Fast so tune into it
Accept it
It starts with acceptance
Ruben said
You like to meet Ruben

I actually just like listening to the wind
It howling
Force it blows
One way
It moves things
You hear its path
Its mighty
Sending something

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